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Newly released video on March 3, 2021 shows a Brownlee Jewelry location being robbed. The robbery is from December 29, 2020. The Brownlee Jewelers that was robbed is at 8546 University City Boulevard Charlotte, NC. Large amounts of cash and jewelry were stolen.

The robbery occurred during the day, shortly before 5:00 p.m. Three suspects entered the jewelry store, and a female employee is seen motioning for the crooks to take their hoods off their heads. One of the thieves pretends to comply while the other hurrys up and pulls his gun out to initiate the high priced robbery.

Another female employee is seen trembling and shaking during the robbery. A customer was in the jewelry store too at the counter. The robbers held the employees and the customer hostage while stealing cash and jewelry. The crooks are seen in the video smashing several jewelry glass display cases in the robbery.

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Another robber tells a frightened trembling employee to "Get down or I will shoot you!" all while he is taking large amounts of cash from the cash register.

At one point during the robbery a suspect goes to the back to get either more cash or jewelry. The suspects run out of the store with cash and expensive jewelry. The employees immediately push the robbery alarm; and another employee is seen taking out her phone and video recording the suspects after they left, hoping to catch the vehicle or route they took to flee.