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Kicks and a few body slams, watch video showing a west Charlotte Family Dollar being ransacked by a thief

The Family Dollar on Beatties Ford Road Charlotte, NC was the victim of a violent robbery on April 14, 2022. A male suspect entered the Family Dollar with a bucket and began putting items in it.

Family Dollar employees are seen confronting the suspect and the suspect is heard saying,

"Swing mother fucker, I don't give a fuck, you think I'm playing"

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Family Dollar employees are seen stopping the man from leaving the store, the suspect is seen punching one of the employees. The suspect over powers the employees and exits the store with his free stolen merchandise, all while the Family Dollar anti-theft devices are ringing.

The suspect then body slams a Family Dollar employee and knocks a second employee to the ground. One employee is seen kicking the suspect.

Video shows the suspect using a racial slur.

The suspect eventually muscles his way out of the employees grip and walks off with his bucket full of new products, all for free.