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Video shows a Brinks armored truck guard firing shots at a suspect during a robbery

On October 18, 2021 a Brinks armored truck was robbed in Philadelphia, PA. The robbery was at a shopping center parking lot around noon time. The suspect is seen exiting a white vehicle and running up to a Brinks guard. The guard had a money bag full of cash in his hand and was just getting into the armored truck. 

Watch as nearly $1 Million was stolen in the snow during a wild Brinks armored truck robbery, the suspects had AK-47 guns.

The suspect points a gun at the guard and attempts to snatch the money bag. The guard is seen kicking at the suspect. Not being deterred, the suspect briefly enters the armored truck.

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That is when the Brinks guard began firing shots. The suspect runs away, and into a white vehicle that was driving away from the scene. 

The suspect did not get away with any money. It is unknown if the suspect was struck by gunfire.  

The getaway vehicle was a Nissan Altima, driven by a second person. The vehicle had tinted windows and minor damage to its front and rear bumper areas on the passenger side.

A Loomis Armored truck driver was shot in the face and killed during a violent robbery at a Popeyes chicken restaurant.