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Three masked suspects robbed a Brinks armored vehicle at gunpoint in Greenwood Village, Colorado on October 30, 2019 getting away with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash.

After the robbery the employee identified as Sabrina Gimeno got fired for what Brinks says was a violation of protocol/policy by Sabrina.

Fired after a robbery, wow!

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At 2:30 p.m. outside a Bank of Colorado video shows the suspects waiting inside of a car until a female Brinks employee approaches her work truck to load money in the armored vehicle.

The suspects are seen quickly exiting the SUV and pointing two AK-47 guns at the employee. The Brinks employee is forced to her knees by one of the suspects while the other two crooks take massive amounts of cash from the armored vehicle.

In less than 30 seconds, the suspects are seen driving away in a grey SUV.

On the following Monday Brinks fired Sabrina, citing she didn't follow procedures. Brinks didn't elaborate on their decision to fire Sabrina, who has three kids.