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Watch a security guard get pushed around during a robbery at a luxury Louis Vuitton store

A large $120,000 robbery occured at the Louis Vuitton luxury store at the Oak Brook Mall in Illinois on November 17, 2021. The security guard at Louis Vuitton got manhandled and pushed around by the 14 suspects. 

The large group of thieves tried to enter the Louis Vuitton store, but the security guard attempted to hold the door close preventing the suspects from getting inside the store. 

But the suspects were not leaving empty handed. The suspects are seen on video forcing the glass door open and pushing the security guard out of the way. 

The suspects then enter the Louis Vuitton store and randomly began stealing high-end luxury items, from expensive purses, expensive bags, clothing, and other luxurious fancy items.   

The suspects were wearing masks and were snatching everything in sight. Frightened customers and employees ran out of the suspects' way.

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The security guard at the Louis Vuitton store was seen taking back some of the stolen merchandise as the thieves were running out of the store, but several suspects returned to get the merchandise back.

The security guard is seen being pushed out of the way a second time by the suspects, as they took the stolen merchandise back from the security guard.   

The 14 suspects drove away from the scene in three separate vehicles. The suspects got away with $120,000 worth of merchandise.