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Chilling surveillance video shows several shots being fired by social media star Ansley Pacheco, 26, in Hialeah, Florida. Ansley has 1.2 million likes on TikTok. She makes a lot of money on as she posts seductive explicit photos.

In October 2020 Ansley was the victim of an armed robbery at her Miami area home, as thieves made off with $102,000 in luxury gold chains and luxury watches in a home invasion.

Ansley was having a watch party during the Miami Heat NBA Finals; random robbers rang the doorbell and were inadvertently let in by a guest.

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The crooks were armed with guns and made everyone get on the ground, all while they stole the expensive jewelry. Ansley was in her room when she heard the commotion. Ansley grabbed her gun, cocked it and opened her bedroom door to confront the robbers.

Ansley yells "dont shoot me my son is in here." Ansley then fires several shots at the suspects. They then run. Ansley's husband and guest then run into her room and take the gun to fire even more shots at the fleeing suspects.

The crooks got away and were never caught. Ansley and her family were not hurt.