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Oh when the crooks come marching in, there will be a great number stolen in pure cash. In June 2019 two suspects entered the Wells Fargo Bank at 11230 Elm Lane Charlotte, NC.

The two suspects were determined to grab as much money as they could in under 60 seconds without getting caught. For the moment, their plan worked because they are still on the run, probably spending their hard earned robbery money on a vacation island sipping on Piña coladas.

One suspect brandished two firearms pointing in both directions while pointing a gun directly at a bank teller and ordering her out of her office temporarily holding her hostage.

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The other suspect jumped the counter and removed large amounts of money from the bank and stuffed cash in a black bag.

The suspects then fled the bank.

Unrelated to this case a Wells Fargo employee was recently convicted for embezzling over $30,000.