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18-year-old Tia Anderson was arrested on July 9, 2019 charged with the armed robbery of Megan Clowers, 24, at apartments in Charlotte, NC. Tia turned herself in.

Tia Anderson and Megan Clowers

Tia Anderson and Megan Clowers

On October 10, 2018 officers responded to apartments at Endolwood Road for an armed robbery and larceny of vehicle response call. The victim identified as Megan allegedly had her Dodge Magnum and I-Phone taken from her by force with an implied firearm. Tia was identified as the alleged suspect.

Meagan sustained minor injuries during the alleged crime. A picture from the alleged scene shows her bleeding and crying.

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In a July 2019 online video Tia admitted that she was going to turn herself in. She was also soliciting people to donate to her cash app. In the video Tia stated that she was going to get drunk before turning herself in. In the video Tia stated that she didn't do her edges because she was "Fucked up" (Drunk) the night before. 

Wearing very high shorts in the video, Tia shakes and shows her rear end to the camera after stating,

"Yall wanna see how fat this ass getting?"