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Month: August 2004

Once again, in the dirty tricks department, right-wing extremists rule. What passed for "paranoia" in Nixon's time has become the banal routine for how to treat your political opponents. Clearly, torture... Read More

Washington in brief

BIA NOT TOO SHOOK UP OVER SHAKE-UP RUMOR WASHINGTON - The departure of several BIA leadership figures at roughly the same time is not evidence of a shake-up at the agency,... Read More
FORT MCPHERSON, Northwest Territories - Construction of a new power plant continues for a town in the Northwest Territories that hopes it won't ever have to re-build. Under the darkness of Arctic... Read More
ROCK HILL, S.C. - Catawba Indian Nation recently completed the third phase of a housing development and is accepting families to occupy those houses on the reservation. Funded under the Native Housing... Read More
UNCASVILLE, Conn. - A Congressional "fix" will be the preferred strategy for fighting the recent National Labor Relations Board ruling sweeping away tribal sovereignty as a limit on its jurisdiction. As tribes... Read More

Native Cooking

I have pictures to prove it. We have corn stalks that are 15 feet high! No kidding. We ordered seed from a seed company in the Midwest. It is non-hybrid... Read More

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