A Navajo Response to Racism Against Mexicans YouTube Video

Warning strong language is used in these videos.

Earlier this week, a YouTube video showcasing two Caucasian females using racist terminology and vulgar language in reference to Mexicans began to go viral. Since then many responses have been uploaded, some just as ignorant and not as thought provoking as they should be.

However, a few video responses have stood out. All three of these videos hit on key points and reactions to the video, but could have just as easily and more importantly made the points without the use of vulgarity in their own right.

The first one here was uploaded by kaylajoytom1, titled “Native American Response to Racist White Girls in Arizona.” The young intelligent female addresses many of the issues that came out of the initial video, but the biggest one was the idea that whites were here first. The young female establishes that she is 100 percent Navajo born and raised in Arizona, while making some key arguments.


In the second video uploaded by MiszkaydieLoves, the response comes from a young Mexican female, who felt the need to respond addressing the ignorance of the young white females. The response addresses the idea of how Mexicans are looking to better themselves and suggests the two racist females take an alternative route if they have issues. At the end of the video she points out how damaging a racist, ignorant video like the one posted could be to their futures when it comes employment.


In a video uploaded by StayBeautiful970, the response is done in a different manner. The uploader, discusses how disrespectful and rude the video is; and the outcome that could come from it. She also addresses how those offended should not be, because of the ignorance that was shown and that addressing it with rudeness does not help the matter.