Actress Megan Mullally Fell in Love With Her Husband

Actress Megan Mullally demonstrates how her now-husband, Jim Offernan, paddled their boat back to shore in pitch dark, navigating "like an Indian."

Actress Megan Mullally Fell in Love With Her Husband After He Navigated ‘Like an Indian’

Actress Megan Mullally fell in love with her hubby Nick Offerman after he heroically paddled their pontoon back to shore by dark of night, she told talk-show host David Letterman.

The actress, who stars on Fox’s Breaking In, recounted the tale to Letterman on March 30. The two met more than a decade ago, and the deal was sealed one night when they were virtually stranded in the middle of a lake on a boat.

“Nick just has a heroic quality about him which I first witnessed firsthand when we went, early on in our relationship, we went to his family fishing trip in Minnesota on the lake,” Mullally said of Offerman, who stars on Parks and Recreation on NBC. “And one night as a romantic gesture he suggested we go out in the pontoon … and take a bottle of wine and watch the sunset. So we did that, very romantic.”

They toasted the sunset with wine, and got ready to go back. But the boat wouldn’t start, Mullally said, because Offernan had left the headlight on for ambience. She suggested they sleep out there but he wouldn’t hear of it.

“We’re about two, two and a half miles from shore, from the cabins where we’re staying, and it’s dark,” she said. “There was one little green paddle on the boat, a little green paddle, on the boat…. And he takes the paddle and he goes and sits at the front of the pontoon … and he literally starts paddling us back to shore. It took four hours. He would not stop.”

She asked, “How do you know where you’re going?” and he said, “By the stars,” she said.

“Like he’s an Indian! Like he’s a Native American!” she exclaimed to Letterman. “Steering us by the stars, and it worked! It literally worked! And he got us back there and he got us out of the boat, and that was the first time I told him I loved him.”

Of course, the story is in the telling, and the star known for her turn as Karen on Will and Grace is the person to tell it. The part about Mullally’s husband starts around 3:38.