Comedy Central’s ‘Drunk History’ Delivers Intoxicated Version of ‘Pueblo Revolt”

Comedy Central/Native Actors will play alongside American Actor Jason Mantzouka as Pope' in Comedy Central's latest episode of 'Drunk History

Comedy Central’s ‘Drunk History’ Delivers Intoxicated Version of ‘Pueblo Revolt”.

As described on the Comedy Central website, Drunk History, a show based on the popular web series, is the liquored-up narration of our nation’s history. The latest episode on the popular series features an intoxicated version of ‘The Pueblo Revolt” narrated by Fortune Feimster.

The show is hosted by Derek Waters, who is joined by a constantly changing cast of actors and comedians, who drink to excess and then tell tales from American history.(According to Comedy Central: Booze helps bring out the truth. It’s just that sometimes the truth is a little incoherent.)

In the latest episode, Feimster delivers a surprisingly accurate version of events surrounding the Pueblo Revolt, although her words are a bit slurred.

Actor Leland Morrill, (Navajo and Santo Domingo Pueblo) and other native actors were hired to portray some of the Native people referenced in her tale, including Dave “Little Bear” Sales (Navajo) and Tai Taylor (Vietnamese and Choctaw).

Jason Mantzoukas, an American actor of Greek descent, portrays Popé, (or Po’Pay) the Native American religious leader who led the rebellion against Spanish colonizers in the historical account of the Pueblo Revolt.

Santa Fe, New Mexico City historian Ana Pacheco told the Santa Fe New Mexican that she didn’t notice any serious factual flaws in the TV trailer and that the humor seemed crude, but she didn’t find it particularly offensive.

“If it gets someone to say, ‘Hey, I should check out this Po’Pay guy,’ then maybe they’re doing something on a positive note,” Pacheco said.

Those interested in watching can tune into Comedy Central at 9:30 Central time.

Here’s the trailer on the Comedy Central website: