How to Boycott DAPL Banks

DeFund DAPL screenshot How to Boycott DAPL Banks

A list of 26 DAPL Banks in the Revolving Credit Facility, As of 2015

The following is a list of 26 lenders that have made commitments to help finance the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL Banks) as of February 10, 2015, as well as their percentages of the total financing. DAPL Banks, of course, are coming under increased scrutiny thanks to a grassroots campaign urging individuals to remove personal accounts from these institutions, and news on February 7 that the city of Seattle will divest its operating accounts from Wells Fargo.

The information below on DAPL Banks is from a Securities and Exchange Commission 8-K filing by Energy Transfer Partners LP of Delaware linked to by the fact checking website snopes.com. In that filing Energy Transfer Partners declared that an additional $1.25 billion in financing commitments had been obtained on top of an existing $2.5 billion, for a total of $3.75 billion. Figures may have changed since then, and at least one bank, DNB Capital of Norway, reportedly is reconsidering its commitment.