How to Give, and to Give Thanks, to Standing Rock

Thosh Collins Water protectors at the Oceti Sakowin camp stand in unity against DAPL.

Celebrate Thanksgiving by giving thanks and donations to Standing Rock

Whether or not you plan to celebrate Thanksgiving, now is the perfect time to offer thanks and support for all Native people on the Standing Rock Reservation and their allies on the #NoDAPL frontlines who are working tirelessly to protect everyone’s access to clean drinking water and the wellbeing of the Earth.

If you can’t make it to Standing Rock to help protect the water in person, the best thing you can do is to pray for the water protectors and to donate money to one of the many groups and organizations that are helping the effort in various capacities.

The following is a list of reliable, trustworthy sources you can donate to with confidence.

1 – The official Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Dakota Access Pipeline Donation Fund

Remember that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is a sovereign nation with its own laws, territory and government. When we talk about the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (capital-T) we are not referring to the water protector camps or to the Oceti Sakowin (great Sioux Nation) as a whole, or even to the entire population of Standing Rock. Rather, the SRST is a specific tribal government nearest and most actively involved in a legal and political capacity with preventing the Dakota Access Pipeline from crossing the river just north of their reservation border.

The Tribe is not the official organizer or funder of the water protection camps, though they do monitor and support the camps in different ways, and their goals are closely aligned. The continued fight against Dakota Access LLC (the pipeline company) drains resources from the Tribe, particularly on the legal front. SRST requires badly needed funding to continue to successfully operate and to support the grassroots efforts of the water protectors in the way that they deem most appropriate as a sovereign nation.

Follow this link to donate to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s Dakota Access Pipeline Donation Fund:

2 – Water Protector Legal Collective (formerly Red Owl Legal Collective)

The Water Protector Legal Collective is a nonprofit organization that coordinates legal services for the water protectors with the National Lawyers Guild. Dozens of water protectors have already been arrested and detained, often facing extremely aggressive law enforcement and harsh conditions while incarcerated. Many of these water protectors cannot afford bail or to hire lawyers for trial, so the Water Protector Legal Collective is stepping in to provide quality legal services for those in need of assistance. To assist the water protectors in acquiring legal defense and protection, please follow this link to donate: