International Women’s Day: Honoring Women Warriors (Photos)

Vincent Schilling / The elation felt at a pow wow - Just like the way we all feel as pow wow season gets going! Enjoy our pow wow planner!

An International Women's Day honor: a selection of ICMN's Vincent Schilling's favorite photos of women warriors

Today is March 8, 2017 and International Women’s Day. It is a day to reflect on the importance of our Sacred women in this world. It is also a day to give honor to the sacred creators of life.

As an editor at Indian Country Media Network, I have traveled all over Turtle Island in an effort to bring you the news. I have had the extreme honor to photograph a plethora of elders, young people, music artists and most importantly, our sacred Native women.

Over the past few days, I have scoured my archives of images and found some of my favorites to share. The most difficult part of this task was selecting photos out of the tens of thousands I have taken throughout the years.

Here is my photography tribute to International Women’s Day. And thanks to you sacred Native women, for giving us the gift of life.

Pow Wows

Vincent Schilling / Great smiles at the Richmond Pow Wow

Vincent Schilling / The 2009 Inaugural Pow wow of President Obama

Vincent Schilling /Teamwork at the 2009 Inaugural Pow wow of President Obama

A woman Chief, Lynette Allston

Vincent Schilling / From 2009. One of my favorite images of Chief Lynette Allston.

Vincent Schilling / Two amazing Native women, Lynette Allston and Paige Archer, share a moment. Paige passed away a few years ago.

The young ones get it right

Vincent Schilling / Both with families active in the Native community – Two young women embrace at a pow wow.

Vincent Schilling / Three young women share big smiles at a pow wow.

A rainbow of colors

Vincent Schilling The beauty and colors of the ribbon shawl.

Honorable elders

Vincent Schilling The quiet strength of an honored Native woman elder.

Schilling This Native woman I met in DC was awesome. She had me laughing like there was no tomorrow.

Native women warriors

Vincent Schilling Native Women Warriors and color guard in Washington DC.

Native princesses with royal smiles

Vincent Schilling The friendly smiles of three Native princesses.

Moms and their miracles

Vincent Schilling The simple moment of a mother and daughter can warm any heart.

Vincent Schilling The woman is closest to the Creator. For only a woman can create life.

That “Look” Native women are famous for…

Vincent Schilling This photo to me says it all. Native women give the “eye” to a Native man.

Vincent Schilling Two strong Native women share words in the pow wow circle.

The vibrant history of Black Indian women

Vincent Schilling From the Nottoway 2013 pow wow. I put several images in black and white and this one was one of my absolute favorites.

Vincent Schilling From the Nottoway 2013 pow wow. This one was one of my additional favorites.

Vincent Schilling From the Nottoway 2013 pow wow. There are several Black Indians in Virginia who have a rich and vibrant history.


Vincent Schilling The elation felt at a pow wow.

I hope you enjoyed my International Women’s Day photo tribute.

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