Jason Momoa Serves Indigenous Justice in Netflix Series, ‘Frontier’

Photo credit: Duncan de Young. CNW Group/Discovery / Michael Smyth (Landon Liboiron) held by the bloody hand of Declan Harp (Jason Momoa) in ‘Frontier,’ the six-episode, one-hour drama from Discovery Canada series which was shot in Newfoundland, Canada.

Jason Momoa Serves Indigenous Justice in Netflix Series, ‘Frontier’

Working alongside Native actors Tantoo Cardinal and Jessica Matten, 2017 set to be one of the best and busiest years yet for blockbuster actor and producer Jason Momoa.

A TV show about colonial North America that opens with Jason Momoa dispassionately serving up Indigenous justice by slitting British Army throats in disputed territory can’t be bad. And in the first season of the Netflix historical epic drama, Frontier, the star power of Jason Momoa continues to rise and 2017 is set to be his best year yet.

Courtesy CNW Group/Discovery / Jason Momoa serves up Indigenous justice by slitting British Army throats in disputed territories in the Netflix series, ‘Frontier.’

Frontier has alternately been described as a fur trade Game of Thrones or Black Sails. Set in the 1700s, the series not only depicts the violent battles between the Hudson’s Bay Company and French, Scottish, and Colonialist American interests in undercutting their stranglehold on the trade – but the battles of indigenous tribes with the settler colonialists.

A key player in undermining British acquisition and control of colonial wealth is the Jason Momoa fictional Métis fur trader Declan Harp, head of the Black Wolf Company.

Anti-hero Harp is a ruthless man with a fearsome reputation driven by dark secrets and a thirst for revenge against his former employer, Hudson’s Bay Company.

“I want you to do me a favor,” he tells a cowardly Redcoat he decides to spare after dispatching the first. “I want you to run on home and I want you to tell them — you tell them I’m here.”

Frontier isn’t short on Indigenous talent. In addition to Momoa, the cast includes renowned Métis actress Tantoo Cardinal as Okimaw Kamenna and Métis/Saulteaux-Cree actress Jessica Matten as bad-ass Ojibwa Tracker Sokanon, Harp’s right arm in Black Wolf Company.

The show’s Creative Consultants are Blackfoot/Sami actor, producer, and filmmaker Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers and Muskego-Cree Jackie Hookimaw Witt.

Frontier was renewed for a second season before its first had even aired.

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