Jessica Simpson Beaded Dress Sandals ‘Tribal Inspired’ High Heels Sold by Macy’s

Screen capture - website. / Jessica Simpson Beaded Sandals in Faux Leather Honey Brown on the website.

Inspiration or appropriation: Jessica Simpson beaded dress sandals adorned with Native-style beadwork

Entertainer turned designer Jessica Simpson has a style of high heels now listed on Macy’s that are described as “tribal-inspired.” The Jessica Simpson Erienne Beaded Strappy Dress Sandals are available in several colors and sport Native-themed beadwork. On the Macy’s website, the Jessica Simpson beaded dress sandals are described as:

Screen capture - website. / Jessica Simpson Beaded Sandals, Black – on the website

Beaded with tribal-inspired patterns in an ultra-strappy design, Jessica Simpson’s Erienne sandals bring a splash of fantastic color and style to a fun night out.

The high heels are not the first time Simpson has used Native culture as a design statement. Back in July 2015 she posted of photo of herself wearing a Native-style headdress on instagram. According to Yahoo News, the snap was taken at her 35th birthday celebration in St. Barts.

When she shared the photo of herself in a Plains Indians-style feather headdress with her 1.7 million Instagram followers the picture sparked a firestorm of inspiration vs. appropriation comments war on the Instagram page.

“Wearing a headdress like this is like wearing military medals and a uniform you didn’t earn,” said one commenter. “It’s racist.”

The Instagram photo still sits on Jessica Simpson’s account page.

Screen Capture website / Jessica Simpson Beaded Sandals, Cobalt Blue from the website.

Now she’s launched a selection of round-toe strappy heels.

The Jessica Simpson beaded dress sandals showcase beaded designs in the form of arrows, a thunderbird and other Native-style designs.

They come in three colors, Cobalt Blue, Black and Honey Brown and are on sale for $83.30.