Missing Pow Wow Season? Snack on These Tasty Pics

Two dancers share a handshake at the Richmond pow wow

Great Photos from the Richmond Pow Wow and Native Heritage Month in Virginia

It is a sad fact that pow wow season has come and gone, but the memories and celebratory feelings experienced over 2016 are sure to last a lifetime. As we make our way into the holiday season, we won’t have to leave our memories too far behind because of some beautiful images here.

The first set of images are from the Richmond American Indian Pow Wow, which was held on November 11 – 13, 2016 at the Richmond International Raceway in Richmond, VA. According to event organizer Barry Richardson (Haliwa Saponi,) the pow wow has been running strong for 35 years.

The second set of images are from the Native American Heritage Month Celebration held in Pembroke Mall in Virginia Beach. The event was in its seventh year in 2016 and hosted Native dancers from West Virginia, Virginia, New York and North Carolina.


Richmond American Indian Pow Wow

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Applying face paint before a great performance. Photo: Vincent Schilling
Friendly chill time before the judging begins. Photo: Vincent Schilling
Little dancers with big smiles! Photo: Vincent Schilling
Taking a break with friends between dances at the Richmond pow wow. Photo: Vincent Schilling
Rachel Tupponce, left, and Stormie Miles (both Chickahominy) look truly stylish! Photo: Vincent Schilling
Qua Lynch (Haliwa Saponi) and Seth Adkins (Chickahominy) are all color and gracious smiles. Photo: Vincent Schilling
A handshake for brotherhood after the men’s traditional dance. Photo: Vincent Schilling
A ribbon shawl dancer amazes the crowd with flashes of beautiful color. Photo: Vincent Schilling
A young warrior in his finest regalia. Photo: Vincent Schilling
And baby doll makes four! Photo: Vincent Schilling Native American Heritage Month Celebration – Pembroke Mall Virginia Beach
It’s time to grab candy when the drum stops during the candy dance! Photo: Henry Martin
A prayer for the #NoDAPL water protectors. Photo: Henry Martin
Fancy Dancer Caleb Richardson (Haliwa Saponi.) Photo: Henry Martin
Traditional dancer Robert Narcomey (Seminole, Lakota) was enjoying the crowd’s enthusiasm for Native culture. Photo: Henry Martin
Head dancer Tatanka Gibson (Haliwa-Saponi) does a smoke dance. Photo: Henry Martin
Richardson and Gibson sing a fish honor song. Photo: Henry Martin
A women’s traditional dancer. Photo: Henry Martin
Caleb Richardson was a crowd favorite. Photo: Henry Martin
Sunshine Taylor and Vincent Schilling enjoy a lighthearted moment. Photo: Henry Martin
A young female dancer. Photo: Henry Martin