Native Humor and Love: A Fun List of Be My Native Valentine Tweets!

@Rasberet on Twitter. A great Be My Native Valentine tweet by @Rasberet on Twitter

Yes, there’s nothing like a ‘Be My Native Valentine’ social media post

Today is Valentine’s Day! The day where some weird winged baby in a diaper goes around shooting arrows at people. (It’s kind of frightening when you think about it.) Considering many of you in Indian country were up late last night contributing to the Be My Native Valentine hashtag on Twitter, it is only fitting to highlight some of the best.

Thanks to Native Hashtags on Twitter for getting the Be My Native Valentine hashtag started.

Here are a great bunch of #BeMyNativeValentine tweets posted since yesterday.

Nice one Native #’s

Beads and Candy Hearts by Kat #NoDAPL

Pernell Thomas nailed it with ‘Natives Be Like’!

Village Girl Forever says it well

Tipi Creepin Humor is cruising for love

Nothing like a Valentine’s Day Drum Song

Martie Simmons has love for her NoDAPL protector

Sydnee will lock the door like a true ‘Be My Native Valentine’

Waylon’s Native Valentine will be ‘Idle No More’

Go Brayden, Get Busy — just not in the same clan

How could Fancy Bebamikawe’s Valentine resist?

Robert Giving Respect Where Respect is Due

Only Native People will get this joke

My Valentine’s Day wish

I hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day. Truth be told, this day is not for everyone, as we should always do the best we can to share sentiments of appreciation and love, no matter the day.

There is a great story my wife’s mother told me in regards to Valentine’s Day. She told me that Valentine’s Day is a special day to our animal relatives, as they are all looking to choose their mates. On a whim, I went outside and saw geese on our lake, swimming in pairs.

It is also worth noting that geese mate for life. A great lesson from our feathered relatives.
Much love to all on this Valentine’s Day.

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(This article was originally published in 2017)