Native Humor: Pow Wow Jokes and More Stick Figure Indian Cartoons

Vincent Schilling / Stick Figure Indians. We know winter can be tough

Native Humor: Pow Wow Jokes and More Stick Figure Indian Cartoons

Ok, It’s February, and aside from a few early-bird pow wow organizers, we know that pow wow season is still a few months away. We know that you have likely looked at your regalia a few times with longing, or perhaps listened to some of your drum group CDs with an ache in your heart and a glistening of your eyes.

Sometimes, sadly, we just have to wait it out.

So to bring a bit of cheer and hope, here are a few pow wow jokes and Stick Figure Indian cartoons embracing the pow wow theme. Enjoy if you can while we wait for warmer weather.

Q:How many pow wow emcee’s that start on time does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: As far as we know, there is no such thing, maybe there might be one in 2016!

Vincent Schilling

Q: What did the guy who doesn’t like Northern Cree say at the pow wow?

A: I find it hard to believe that someone is brave enough to admit that in public.

Q: Why hasn’t President Obama returned to attend another Rez pow wow?

A: Too many people asked him to babysit when he was in Standing Rock.

Vincent Schilling

Q: If you go to a pow wow, what do you get when you cross your a grandma elder with a grandpa elder?

A: An elder who yells at you to to eat something, yells at you when you eat the frybread that was meant for them, asks you to give them a hug and then asks you to pull their finger.

Vincent Schilling

Vincent Schilling

Q: What happens if you don’t send in your pow wow information to ICTMN’s pow wow list at

A: You won’t get listed in the pow wow directory!

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