Native Humor: To Snag or Not to Snag? The 10 Best ‘Snag Them If’ Tweets

Snag them if they have a pet eagle. Duh.

What are your snagging priorities?

When you’re evaluating that special someone, what can he or she do to win your heart? A smile, a few kind words, a pretty or handsome face—these things are always a plus, anywhere in the world. But the game of love has a special set of rules in Indian country. What ignites that romantic spark at a pow wow is often a combination of the old and the now—the respect for tradition and the resourcefulness to get by in the 21st century. Honor and chutzpah. And of course good old Native charm and good looks never hurts.

The #SnagThemIf hashtag caught fire in late January (January was a good month for hashtags—see also Native Dating Site Bios and Signs You May Be Native) and to observe the weekend before Valentine’s day we’re bringing you the ten best, based on retweets, likes, and our own questionable judgment. Credits follow the list, and we’d also like to thank @Native_Hashtags for encouraging these clever people.

Top 10 Reasons to Snag That Special Someone

10. #SnagThemIf they can fix your moccasin blowouts right before contest.

9. #SnagthemIf they can turn bologna and potatoes into a full course meal.

8. #SnagThemIf they are willing to stop tipi creepin’ and put away their fave snaggin’ blanket just for you.

7. #SnagThemIf they send chills down your spine when they speak their language to you, even if they’re just asking to borrow sugar.

6. #SnagThemIf they’d rather receive a bundle of sage than a dozen roses.

5. #SnagThemIf they don’t care that you like to swim in a large t-shirt and basketball shorts.

4. #SnagThemIf they aren’t embarrassed to ride shotgun in your indian car.

3. #SnagThemIf they run on NDN time—in bed.

2. #SnagThemIf they mis-guess you in handgames on purpose.

1. #SnagThemIf they make you feel like you’re lucky enough to hit it big at the casino AND bingo—on the same night!

Credits: @aleah_faith13 (10), @xenzox91 (9), @_Native_Life (8, 7, 4), @SpaceBo0ts (6, 3), @SadieRedWang (5), @coltonsierratv (2), @__AaronJ__ (1).