Oklahoma Tribal Exclusivity Fees Exceed $1.3 Billion

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Oklahoma Tribal Exclusivity Fees Exceed $1.3 Billion.

Gaming tribes in Oklahoma have paid the state more than $1.3 billion in the past decade, according to the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association’s (OIGA) latest report.

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OIGA is currently hosting its 22nd annual Conference and Trade Show at Tulsa’s Cox Business Center. More than 3,000 tribal leaders and members, casino executives and employees, gaming regulators and vendors from across Oklahoma and the entire country descended on Tulsa to learn about topics like federal legislation, working with local communities, non-gaming amenities, the benefits of promoting tribal goods and services, and much more.

“Obviously, the convention floor is humming,” Sheila Morago, executive director of OIGA, told Tulsa World. “We’re happy to be back in Tulsa. We haven’t been back in four years.”

OIGA was established in 1986 to represent the now 38 federally-recognized Indian Tribes in Oklahoma — 30 of which run gaming operations, currently collectively owning 124 Indian gaming operations with approximately 71,750 electronic games, over 4,600 bingo seats, and other games.

OIGA published a summary of the findings and conclusions from its study entitled,“Statewide Economic Impacts from Oklahoma Tribal Government Gaming – 2015 Annual Impact,” conducted and co-authored by the Steven C. Agee Economic Research and Policy Institute and Klas Robinson Q.E.D. on behalf of OIGA.

A snapshot of the direct impact is below. Get the full report here.


—Oklahoma Tribal Government Gaming output was $4.2 billion in 2014, representing 2.5% of private production in the Oklahoma economy

—Tribal Gaming Operations and Related Facilities supported 23,277 ongoing jobs in 2014 of which 83.2 percent were full-time positions

—Annual wages, salaries, and tips of almost $910 million

—Annual employee benefits of almost $255 million including healthcare, dental, and life insurance, as well as retirement plans

—In 2014, Oklahoma Tribal Gaming Operations and their employees paid out more than $264 million in payroll related taxes including almost $30 million in income taxes to the State of Oklahoma

—Oklahoma Tribal Gaming Operations had more than 38.2 million visits in 2014, including more than 14.6 million visits from out-of-state

—Oklahoma Tribes have paid the State a total of $980 million in Exclusivity Fees since 2006

—In 2014 alone, Oklahoma Tribal Gaming Operations spent over $405 million in capital expenditures and improvements, creating an estimated 2,883 jobs and earnings of almost $155 million in the construction industry