Sterlin Harjo Producing with Gil Birmingham , Chaske Spencer & Irene Bedard

Copyright DC and Vertigo /Dashiell 'Dash' Bad Horse as depicted by artist R.M Guera on the cover of the first issue of 'Scalped'.

‘Scalped’: a Dark Rez TV Pilot based on DC Vertigo Comic Book

The upcoming Scalped, a Vertigo (DC) comic book about crime on the fictional Prairie Rose Indian Reservation — which will be produced by Sterlin Harjo and air on WGN America — has just announced its lead cast for the pilot. It includes Indian country acting notables Gil Birmingham, Chaske Spencer and Irene Bedard, as well as Alex Meraz and Lily Gladstone.

Native filmmaker Sterlin Harjo will join executive producer Len Goldstein and executive producer/writer Doug Jung.

Scalped — currently set as a TV pilot with potential to become a series — is based on the fictional Native American characters created by Jason Aaron and R.M. Guéra from the the DC Vertigo Comic Book of the same name.

Copyright DC and Vertigo /Comic covers of ‘Scalped’ by DC and Vertigo comics.

If Scalped goes to series, it will be the first ongoing television project to have a predominantly Native American cast. Production on the pilot will begin in April in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The plot of the series is a modern-day crime story set on the reservation in a community led by Chief Lincoln Red Crow who faces volatile interactions with Dashiell Bad Horse, a man previously exiled from the tribe.

The breakdown of the characters is listed in Variety and are summarized as follows:

Gil Birmingham as Chief Lincoln Red Crow:

Lorey Sebastian/Lionsgate - The youthful Gil Birmingham and ‘The Dude’, Jeff Bridges in an intense scene from ‘Hell or High Water’

Chief Lincoln Red Crow is Chief of the Prairie Rose Reservation that opens a casino on the Rez and struggles with the influx of power and looming potential for corruption.

Birmingham co-starred with Jeff Daniels in the film Hell or High Water, and was the father of Jane Krakowski’s character in Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Alex Meraz as Dashiell “Dash” Bad Horse

Twitter /Alex Meraz

Exiled from the Rez by his mother at the age of 13, Dash returns home after 15 years of a life in crime. Badhorse’s conflict are with both his estranged mother and Chief Red Crow.

Meraz has a recurring role on TNT’s Animal Kingdom and was in WB’s Suicide Squad.

Lily Gladstone as Carol Red Crow

Lily Gladstone – Portrait from December 2014

Carol Red Crow is Chief Red Crow’s estranged daughter who previously met circumstances that set her against her father and down a self-destructive spiral.

Gladstone had a pivotal role as a loner Native farmhand in 2016’s Certain Women.

Irene Bedard as Gina Bad Horse

Vincent Schilling /Irene Bedard

Gina Bad Horse is a vocal activist that stands in opposition to Chief Red Crow and his casino, despite their intimate and secretive past together.

Bedard was the voice of Pocahontas in the Disney animated movie “Pocahontas.” An starred in miniseries “Into the West” as well as played the iconic Suzy Song in Smoke Signals.

Chaske Spencer as Sheriff Falls Down

Courtesy /Chaske Spencer

The local sheriff with a deep investment in the Rez and its people, his wry, easy manner obscures an edgy and keen intelligence. There is no love lost between Sheriff Falls Down and Chief Red Crow — but there is a mutual respect.

Spencer, who also starred in Into the West, had a recurring role as Deputy Billy Raven on Cinemax’s Banshee was in the Twilight Series, and in Amazon’s Sneaky Pete.