TheCHIVE Discovers ‘Roundys on the Road’ Singing Clip

TheCHIVE Discovers ‘Roundys on the Road’ Singing Clip.

A video by Antoine Edwards Jr., Butchie Eastman, Doug Thomas and Elton Wayne became a hit when it was posted to Facebook — but now that a popular babes ‘n memes site has discovered it, the participants might see their popularity get a nice little bump.

We’re not expecting anything on the scale of “Gangnam Style,” with its 1.5 billion YouTube views, but a little viral mojo certainly goes a long way in this age of hyper-connectedness, and theCHIVE is a hugely popular site. The comments from Chive readers are a mixed bag, with some predictable inanity, but more thoughtful reviews range from “awesome” to “pretty damn chill.”

One commenter takes a particular shine to the guy behind the wheel: “This is awesome, the driver is berry worthy! HMOTB” (HMOTB refers to “Hot Men of the Berry,” a category on TheChive’s sister site, theBERRY.) 

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time theCHIVE has demonstrated such good taste. Miss Universe Canada hopeful Ashley Callingbull was deemed a favorite Chivette in 2011.

Here’s the clip, “Roundys on the Road”: