These 10 Kids Won’t Be Stereotyped by Edward S. Curtis Photos

10 Kids Respond to Curtis Pics

The Arizona State Museum’s 2014 show “Regarding Curtis: Contemporary Indian Artists Respond to the Curtis Imagery,” featured the work of established Native artists. Accompanying that exhibit was “Photo ID: Portraits by Native Youth,” a photography project by Tohono O’odham students from Ha:san Preparatory and Leadership School. Working in teams, students took on the roles of photographer, director, and lighting technician to create three portraits—one wrapped in blankets and shawls like Curtis’ subjects; another holding a Curtis photograph they had researched, and a third in a way they chose to present themselves.

The students offered this description of the concept, addressed directly to Curtis himself:

“Those are some beautiful pictures you took of my ancestors and while the portraits you took are lovely, here is our response to what you inspired.”

Terri (Tohono O’odham) by Terri V., 2013 and Terri with “Papago woman cleaning wheat (Winnowing wheat)” by Edward S. Curtis, 1907

Luis (Tohono O’odham) by Luis G., 2013 and Luis with “Carlos Rios – Papago Chief” by Edward S. Curtis, 1907

Kiana (Tohono O’odham/Quechan) by Kiana C., 2013 andKiana with “Gathering hanamh – Papago woman picking cactus fruit with wooden stick” by Edward S. Curtis, 1907

Kenneth (Tohono O’odham/Oglala) by Kenneth F., 2013 and Kenneth with “Jack Red Cloud – Ogalala” by Edward S. Curtis, 1907

Keanu (Tohono O’odham/Hopi) by Keanu T., 2013 and Keanu with “Nato, the goat man – Hopi” by Edward S. Curtis, 1907

Kayleen (Tohono O’odham) by Kayleen B., 2013 and Kayleen with “Qahatika women resting in Harvest Field” by Edward S. Curtis, 1907

Damien (Tohono O’odham) by Damien S., 2013 and Damien with “Qahatika child” by Edward S. Curtis, 1907

Dakota (Tohono O’odham) by Dakota D., 2013 and Dakota with “Qahatika water girl” by Edward S. Curtis, 1907

Brayden (Tohono O’odham/Navajo) by Brayden L., 2013 and Brayden with “Lynx cap” by Edward S. Curtis, 1907

Blessing (Tohono O’odham) by Blessing G., 2013 and Blessing with “Qahatika maiden” by Edward S. Curtis, 1907