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Racial Unrest: Elections 2016 Present Trouble Ahead

It is only the grandmas and grandpas in Indian country that may have any memories of the violent revolutionary times of the 1960s and early 1970s; but even many of them have no personal recollections, because all the rioting and destruction was happening in the cities.In the early the...


Let Crazy Horse Rest in Peace!

I have gotten e-mail recently asking what is up with me and Tim Giago since I had not written articles criticizing him over the past year. Actually I had unilaterally declared a moratorium on criticizing Tim; and I must confess, it felt good.Much or most of my criticism Tim...


Circle of Violence: A Lakota’s Faith and Betrayal

I recently downloaded a list of Jesuits—priests, brothers and deacons—who have been accused of sexual abuse of children and, presumably, adult parishioners as well. The list is more than 130 names and gives the year of ordination, current status (accused, sued, settled or convicted) and the diocese in each...


Evolution in Intertribal Languages

Certain words come into vogue and quickly become cliches, and I’m always glad to see them disappear. In the early 1960s, for example, everybody was using the word copacetic, meaning good, cool, or however a person wanted to describe something as satisfactory. Throughout the 1990s, the word paradigm used...


Unsung Heroes: Richard LaCourse, Journalist

Of all the professions and disciplines that have risen to new heights in Indian country over the last forty years, Native journalism may show the greatest advance. In the late 1960s, when the American Indian Press Association was aborning, there were a good number of periodicals serving Indian although...


Sovereignty for Rent?

I don’t recall what Nevada tribe it was in the early 1970s that had submitted a proposal to the BIA for financial assistance to buy a bordello. The prospective business was a place akin to the infamous Chicken Ranch that inspired creation of the book and hit Broadway “Best...


Wounded Knee II Redux

I read with great interest the Lakota columnist Tim Giago’s column on the 1973 American Indian Movement’s occupation of Wounded Knee village (WKII), and the militants’ nearly three months standoff with the FBI, U.S. Marshals, Tribal police, and the vigilante Goon squad. (See "Wounded Knee occupation was serious blunder,"...


Is There a Backlash in the Making?

A column from a right wing periodical Town Hall, "No Reservations: The Case for Dismantling the Indian Bureaucracy," gives an excellent example of the kind of stuff that feeds anti-tribal backlash. The lead sentence reads: “If ever a federal agency were a candidate for termination, the Bureau of Affairs...


The Native Journalist as Eyapaha

In a column on Indianz.com last week ("Freedom of the Press Not Really Alive in Indian Country"), the publisher of the Native Sun News charged the Indian Country Today newspaper (soon to be in glossy mag format) with censorship and control of news, and failure to recognize and him...