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Anti-Indian Racism Is Everywhere in America

The season premiere of South Park, which aired September 24, struck a chord familiar to many viewers and is sure to set the Washington football team scrambling to recover lost yardage.In the 18th season opener, the cartoon show’s entrepreneurial children decide to make use of the Washington name their...


The Eagle Feather Law and State-Recognized Tribes

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on August 20 is something for members of state-recognized tribes to celebrate.In the ruling, the Court found that the U.S. government had failed to prove that denying Robert Soto, a member of the state-recognized Lipan Apache tribe, eagle feathers needed for ministry...


Offensive Words Lead to Offensive Actions

Every so often I hear complaints about how tired people are about being politically correct. It’s something that gets thrown around a lot these days, especially with the debate about ethnic team names and mascots. And it’s revealing of something more insidious than many people realize.You know the I’m...


R-Word Lies: Don’t Confuse Free Speech With Hate Speech

Hate speech is any speech or form of expression that offends, threatens, or insults a group based on their race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, and other traits. And, as anyone familiar with the Westboro Baptist Church’s planned protest against the Alaska Native Heritage Center and the ongoing against...


A New Rallying Cry for the Red*kins

On March 24, Dan Snyder issued a letter to the devout fans of his beloved Washington Red*kins announcing the creation of the “Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation.” The announcement served as a rallying cry for all those who support the Red*kins and other ethnic team names and mascots, it...


5 Studies That Prove Dan Snyder is Wrong About ‘Redskins’

The Red*kins team name has managed to retain strong public support, even despite outcry against team owner, Dan Snyder, announcing this week the creation of the “Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation.” But strong public support and apathy, even from many within the Native community, doesn’t make it right. I’ll...


Time to Stop Playing Cowboys and Indians

No issue better illustrates the lengths to which racist Americans will go to hold tight to the reins of power and ignorance than a statement recently issued by the Washington Red*kins.In response to a call for the team to change its controversial name, made by Senator Maria Cantwell Representative...