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To Vote or Not to Vote: Native Choice

“Dependence is a marker of childhood; independence is the mark of adolescence; and interdependence is the mark of adulthood.” — Larry AlbertsI teach native politics, treaties, and federal Indian law at the University of Minnesota. In my current course, Law, Sovereignty, & Treaty Rights, we just read a short...


Re-Membering Through Adoption

Historically, Native nations were bounded but inclusive socio-cultural communities that prided themselves on maintaining distinctive religious-cultural identities while also incorporating--whether through force or invitation--individuals from other indigenous, racial, and ethnic groups. Our peoples have always managed to creatively and successfully augment their numbers and incorporate new blood and Outsiders,...


Auditing Tribal Sovereignty

In 1977 preeminent Native theorist Vine Deloria, Jr., was asked to write a paper about the current state of Indian affairs in the U.S. Deloria, already famous for his ground-breaking Custer Died for Your Sins, commenced to craft an essay which tackled the most difficult questions that bedeviled Country—issues...


Thoughts on How We Re-Member

On July 2, the tribal council of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde held a special meeting to allow their citizens an opportunity to testify for or against a proposed emergency enrollment ordinance whereby the Council sought to delegate its constitutional authority to involuntarily dismember citizens. At was...