Traditional Societies

Every Part Of, Cattails, issue #3
Every summer, cattails rise from their winter slumber to stand sentry around the nation’s marshlands, waterways and ponds. Tall and distinctive with their cylindrical seedpods (hence, the name they... Read More


Many tribal cultures used various forms of balm, lotions or salve to protect their skin from strong rays of the sun, a startling innovation for many Europeans. The used... Read More
Covering more than 26 square miles, Akwesasne is the largest Mohawk nation (Kanien'kehá:ka) community and land-holding. The territory straddles the invisible line between the United States (New York) Canada... Read More


This timeless munchie has been filling snack bowls for nearly 10,000 years. “The crop spread quickly out of Mexico as both a snack and a decoration, filling stomachs adorning... Read More

Bunk Beds

Most people know of the Iroquois, the “People of the Longhouse.” Lesser known is what lined the inside of the longhouses; namely, two rows of beds, one atop other... Read More

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