President/Chief Executive Officer:  Shee Atiká, Incorporated (SAI)

President/Chief Executive Officer: Shee Atiká, Incorporated (SAI)

President/Chief Executive Officer


Shee Atiká, Incorporated (SAI) is one of approximately 200 Native Corporations organized pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (“ANCSA”), as amended. SAI presently has just over 3400 shareholders, mostly Alaska Natives of Tlingit heritage.


ANCSA was passed by Congress in 1971 to settle the aboriginal land claims of the Native people of Alaska. As its settlement, Shee Atiká, Incorporated received 23,000 acres of timberland on Admiralty Island, 3,000 acres at Katlian Bay near Sitka and Alice and Charcoal Islands adjacent to the Sitka Airport. SAI owns the “surface estate” of the properties it received under ANCSA, while another Native Corporation (Sealaska Corporation) owns the subsurface. One hundred shares of SAI voting common stock were issued pursuant to ANSCA to each Native person enrolled. Nonvoting common stock is issued to any person who acquires SAI stock and is not a “Native” or “Descendant of a Native” within the meaning of ANSCA.

ANCSA permits Native Corporations to establish “settlement trusts” to provide benefits to their shareholders outside of the corporate structure. And 1993, SAI established the Shee Atiká Fund Endowment (SAFE) to benefit SAI’s shareholders. SAFE has approximately $40 million in assets, mostly in marketable securities. SAFE is designed to make consistent, annual distributions on a pro rata basis to SAI’s shareholders.

SAI has also established a second settlement trust, known as the Shee Atiká Benefits Trust (“SABT”), to provide educational and funeral benefits to SAI’s shareholders. SABT is essentially dormant at this time and such benefits are presently provided directly by SAI to its shareholders.

SAI has also established an investment entity, Shee Atiká Investments, LLC (“SAIL”) through which SAI, SAFE and SABT are permitted to invest. SAFE’s investment securities referenced above are owned through SAIL.

ANCSA allows Alaska Native Corporations such as SAI to automatically qualify as social and economic disadvantaged entities for purposes of the SBA’s 8(a) program. SAI has utilized these provisions and SAI continues to view this as a potential source of substantial future revenue.

Nature of Operations

In 1987, SAI sold the timber on its Admiralty Island property to Atikon Forest Products, Inc. (“Atikon”), an entity in which SAI owned a 49% equity interest. Atikon then harvested this timber, which was complete by 2000.

Both SAI and SAFE have invested over the years in commercial real estate. SAI’s commercial buildings are located in Sitka and are multiple-tenanted buildings. SAFE owns a commercial building in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which is triple-net leased to a single tenant (a quasi-government agency).

SAI is in the process of concluding its sale of its 23,000 surface estate acres on Admiralty Island to the U.S. Forest Service. This sale has been consummated in installments, and the last installment is expected to close in fall, 2019. SAI still owns 3,000 surface estate acres at Katlian Bay, which is just north of Sitka.

The State of Alaska has begun construction of a road from the Sitka area to the Katlian area, and when completed road access will be available for the first time to these 3,000 acres. Completion of this road is projected for 2021. SAI has explored making its Katlian Bay land available to the Coast Guard or Navy to homeport vessels and provide housing, but to date, SAI’s efforts have not borne fruit. SAI also owns lands in the vicinity of the Sitka Airport, which SAI is in the process of subdividing and selling.

Beginning in approximately 2007, SAI generated significant revenue as a U.S. Government contractor with a primary focus on providing linguists to the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan. SAI is presently attempting to replicate its success as a government contractor by moving into the IT arena. SAI also has formed a separate entity to provide bookkeeping and accounting services, with a particular emphasis on accounting for government contracts.


The responsibilities of the President/CEO shall be commensurate and inseparable with the inherent authority to carry out those responsibilities. The President/CEO is perceived as a professional manager and the business leader for the corporation. As such, subject to the direction and approval of the Board, the President/CEO is responsible for managing, directing and controlling all activities of SAI. Without limiting the foregoing, the President/CEO is responsible for the following functions:

Corporate Policies

The President/CEO is responsible to ensure that corporate policies are uniformly understood and properly interpreted and administered by all subordinates. The President/CEO shall review and approve proposed internal policies of subordinate units.

Corporate Planning

The President/CEO is responsible to ensure that adequate plans for the future development and growth of the business are prepared. As a part of this function, the President/CEO participates in preparation of those plans and will periodically present such plans for general review and approval by the Board of Directors.


The President/CEO presents at specified intervals proposed operating and capital expenditure budgets for review and approval by the Board of Directors.

Business Acquisitions

With the advance knowledge and approval of the Board of Directors, the President/CEO has primary responsibility for planning and directing all investigations and negotiations pertaining to mergers, joint ventures, and the acquisition of businesses.

Operating Results

The President/CEO is responsible to analyze operating results of SAI and its principal components relative to established objectives and shall ensure that appropriate steps are taken to correct unsatisfactory conditions.


The President/CEO is responsible to ensure the adequacy and soundness of the company’s financial structure and investments, review projections of the company’s working capital requirements and negotiate and otherwise arrange for any outside financing that may be indicated. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the President/CEO is responsible for making calculations of the net cash income of SAFE and SABT (as defined below) throughout the year, beginning in January, and advising the SAFE Board of the results of this calculation.


The President/CEO is responsible for the establishment and maintainance of an effective system of communications throughout the company.

The President/CEO prescribes the specific limitations of the authority of all subordinates (including without limitation, at all subsidiaries, whether wholly or partially owned) regarding policies, contractual commitments, expenditures, and shall undertake all corporate personnel actions, including the termination of all corporate executives subordinate to the President/CEO.

Operating Units

The President/CEO is responsible to ensure the adequacy and proper utilization of the services provided by the corporate staff units and shall resolve any conflicts arising between operating groups, staff units, and other elements under immediate supervision.

Future Management

The President/CEO is responsible to plan for the development of personnel resources within SAI and all of its subsidiaries and affiliates and maintain programs which will encourage successful future management of the business.

Subsidiaries and Affiliates

The President/CEO is responsible to take such steps as may be necessary to protect and enhance SAI investments in subsidiaries and affiliates, including service in appropriate cases as an officer, manager and/or director of such subsidiaries and affiliates. The President/CEO automatically serves as the President/CEO of SABT, SAFE and as the manager of all limited liability companies in which SAI, SABT, or SAFE owns a controlling interest, including without limitation, Shee Atiká Services, LLC (“SAS”), Shee Atiká Management, LLC (“SAM”), Shee Atiká Holdings Colorado Springs, LLC (“SAHCS”), Shee Atiká Holdings Alice Island, LLC (“SAHAI”), Shee Atiká Investments, LLC (“SAIL”), and Shee Atiká Holdings Lincoln Street, LLC (“SAHLS”).

Outside Relationships

The President/CEO shall represent the company as appropriate in its relationships with major customers, suppliers, competitors, commercial and investment bankers, brokers and financial advisers, government agencies, professional societies, and similar groups.


The President/CEO represents the company as appropriate in its relationships with major customers, suppliers, competitors, commercial and investment bankers, brokers and financial advisers, government agencies, professional societies, and similar groups.

Key Capabilities

· Need operational focus

     o Small Business Administration (SBA) knowledge/experience

     o New business development, especially 8(a)

    o Business – real estate management & leasing, ANCSA familiarity

· Planning – looking ahead for new business opportunities, market changes

· Financial & Asset management, Investment experience

· Communication – agencies, employees, shareholders

· Corporate litigation experience

· Lobbying/legislation

· Cultural understanding

· Community Involvement in Sitka

Location: Sitka, Alaska

For confidential inquires and more information, please contact:

Jim Herd

Managing Partner

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