President, Indian Country Today

Accepting applications for new position

Job Description

* Leader of the business operation and staff

* Develop strategy and execute fundraising plan

* Serve and grow the membership of Indian Country Today

* Work with the editor to build a multimedia strategy

* Develop strategy and supervise the advertising and underwriting operations

* Serve the readers of Indian Country Today and be their advocate

Job brief

* Responsible for business functions of Indian Country Today including marketing, advertising, TV production, working with accounting, aging reports, public underwriting, funding proposals, planning for and sometimes meeting potential funding sources, working with and growing Indian Country Today as a public media, including membership.

* Responsible for supporting the board of directors, including planning meetings, training opportunities, and staffing of meetings.

* Responsible for the business operations of Indian Country Today working in partnership with the ownership, National Congress of American Indians.


* Proven working experience as a leader

* An eye for detail along with critical thinking

* Prioritizing and multitasking

Position closing date is December 6th, 2019, 5:00 pm MST.

Send resume, cover letter, and references for consideration to