Request for Proposals For Environmental Reviews:  Duck Valley Housing Authority

Request for Proposals For Environmental Reviews: Duck Valley Housing Authority

Duck Valley Housing Authority

Request for Proposals For Environmental Reviews

The Duck Valley Housing Authority (DVHA) is seeking proposals from qualified firms to conduct environmental reviews for two (2) housing sites on the Duck Valley Indian Reservation (DVIR). And one (1) review for modernization activities covering a 5-year period.

The reviews shall result in three (3) Environmental Assessment reports that DVHA can use for determining the suitability for modernization activities and construction. The three reports shall include (1) one for 20 single family units of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) on 20 acres of DVIR tract 1143, (2) one for the modernization of 81 rental units in the New Town Subdivision & Thomas Loop Subdivision, and (3) an updated review at the Thomas Loop Sub-division on a 40 acre DVIR tract (780) for future development. The reports must meet HUD regulation standards found in 24 CFR 58 and the analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act.

Interested firms shall submit proposals which includes a business resume, description of the services to be provided, three clients to serve as references, provide history on working with Indian Housing Authorities or Native American Tribes, fee structure, types of expenses that are charged, a written plan for the employment and/or training of Native Americans, and identification of the individual(s) who will have the primary responsibility for the Contractor for providing services to DVHA.

The deadline to submit proposals is May 24, 2019, by 5:00 p.m. For more detailed information and a full RFP please contact Val Horn, DVHA Secretary, at 775-757-3589 or email Val to request a full Request for Proposal and to answer any questions you may have regarding this RFP