Tamaya Housing, Inc. (THI) is soliciting Proposals from Design Build Companies



The Tamaya Housing, Inc. (THI) is soliciting Proposals from Design Build Companies to design and build five (5) affordable single-family housing units on a land assignment and Adobe & Eagle Estates subdivisions in the Pueblo of Santa Ana. The subdivisions and land assignment has infrastructure in place. The planned housing units are five (5), four (4) and three (3) bedroom, two (2) bathroom units. The amount budgeted for this Project has sufficient Santa Ana Pueblo Tribal funds to build Five Single Family Homes. The THI is a tribally designated housing entity (TDHE) that develops and manages low-income housing. The design build company must have architectural and general building contractor licenses.

This RFP is non-restricted and the contract will be awarded in accordance with THI Procurement Policies. The successful respondent will be required to execute a performance and payment bond for 100% of the work or some other acceptable assurance of completion, and THI’s standard construction contract. The successful respondent will be required to provide builders risk insurance, business insurance, and required permits.

The work to be performed is subject to Section 7 (b) of the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (25 USC 450e (b). This RFP is not restricted to Indian firms; however, preference will be given to Indian organizations and Indian-owned enterprises. Companies wishing to qualify for Indian preference shall request a copy of the Indian Enterprise Qualification Statement from the THI and submit it with the Proposal. Companies applying for Indian preference must submit proof of at least 51% Indian ownership. In addition, all proposals must contain a statement describing how the firm will provide Indian preference in subcontracting, training, and employment.

This work is subject to Davis-Bacon wage rates and Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 (12 U.S.C. 1701u) and HUD’s implementing regulations at 24 CFR part 135, to the maximum extent feasible and consistent with, but not in derogation of, compliance with section 7(b) of the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act. Section 3 requires contractors to provide job training, employment, and contracting opportunities to persons of low-income residing within the locality of the Project.

Proposal Requirements:

  1. Cover Letter: A signed letter showing the firm’s name; the name, address and telephone number of the contact person; a commitment to perform the work within 270 days; a statement of its qualifications to perform the work; and name of the person who is legally authorized to commit the firm to a contract.

  2. An affirmative statement that the firm and all assigned key professional staff are properly licensed to perform residential construction services in New Mexico. Evidence of licensure must be included.

  3. Firm Qualifications and Experience: Nature of the professional staff and their qualifications to be employed in this Project. In addition, the firm shall provide information on the circumstances and status of any disciplinary action taken or pending against the firm during the past three (3) years with state/federal regulatory bodies, or professional organizations.

  4. Partner, Supervisor and Staff Qualifications: Identify the persons who will be assigned to the Project.

  5. Similar Work Experience: A list of similar projects performed in the last five (5) years.

  6. If the firm intends to qualify for Indian preference, provide evidence of Indian ownership.

  7. All costs for the proposed work. The proposal must include a cost breakdown of the work to be performed.

The THI reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to waive any informality in the proposals received whenever such rejection or waiver is in the best interest of the THI.

All inquiries regarding this RFP shall be directed to Keith Pike, Executive Director, by calling (505) 771-2060. You may also email him at:

Proposals should include a list of at least three (3) references.

Evaluations of Proposals:

Firm Qualifications and Experience 30 Points maximum

Cost 30 Points maximum

Experience with Similar Type of Housing Construction 15 Points maximum

Indian Owned Company 15 Points

Proposal must include proof of at least 51% Indian ownership. Proof includes, but is not limited to, financial statements, federal income tax returns, and corporation and partnership documents.

Indian Preference, Section 3 and Minority & Women Business Enterprises Plan 10 Points maximum

Points will be awarded to proposals that include a plan to employ and subcontract with those firms. Anticipated subcontractors, amounts, and percentage of total price should be included.

Proposals will be evaluated to determine the respondent that is responsive to the solicitation and is most advantageous to the Owner.

Proposals must be submitted to attention of Keith Pike, Executive Director and delivered to the THI office by hand delivery or;

Faxed to (505) 771-2090 or;

Mailed to: 37B Day School Rd.

Santa Ana Pueblo, NM 87004.

Emailed to:

Proposals must be received no later than 4:30 p.m. local time on February 15th, 2019 at the THI Office located at 37B Day School Rd. in Santa Ana Pueblo, NM 87004.