Tribal Administrator (TA):  Ketchikan Indian Community (KIC)

Tribal Administrator (TA): Ketchikan Indian Community (KIC)



JOB TITLE:  Tribal Administrator (TA) 

AGENCY:  Ketchikan Indian Community (KIC) 

DEPARTMENT:  Senior Staff/Administration  

REPORTS TO:  KIC Tribal Council 

STATUS:  Exempt, Full-Time Employee 

WORK LOCATION:  2960 Tongass Ave, Ketchikan, Alaska  99901 



Consistent with Public Law 93-638 and other federal laws recognizing inherent right of the Tribe to exercise Indian Preference. Documentation of Tribal Enrollment must be included with application submission. 


Supervises: Senior Management including, but not limited to; Deputy Tribal Administrator, Executive Assistant, Health Administrator, Chief Finance Officer, Human Resources Director, Communications Director, Information Technology Director, Education Director, Social Services Director, Cultural Resources Director and Housing Director. 

Organization Vision:  

We ensure the prosperity of a culturally rich heritage and thriving community of healthy and economically self- sufficient Tribal Citizens. 


The Ketchikan Indian Community Tribal Council delegates responsibility for management and day to day operations to the Tribal Administrator. He/she is the executive authority for all programs, budget and contract management, serving as the principal operating executive for implementation of Tribal policies and legislative directives. The Tribal Administrator provides direction and guidance to the Tribal Council as it carries out its government functions. Proactively takes the initiative to keep the Tribal Council abreast of relevant changes, issues or the need for action. The TA is responsible for implementing the strategic vision and goals set forth by the Tribal Council including present and long-term objectives. This position serves as a representative of the Ketchikan Indian Community to the public, local, state or other federal agencies in the absence of the Tribal Chairperson or other Ketchikan Indian Community Tribal Council members.  


Supports the Tribal Council:  

Works with the Tribal Council to plan, implement and oversee activities, projects and/or programs that serve the   needs of the general membership.  

* Assist in the development of short and long-range plans.  

* Oversees accounting systems, risk management, employee policies, and change management.  

* Initiates annual preparation/review/refinement of the strategic plan and presents strategic plan to Council for review and approval.  

* Manages KIC legal activities.  

* Co-facilitates with Council chair/new Council member orientation.  

* On time delivery of special and regular reports required by the Tribal Council.  

* Ensure the Tribal Council and Personnel Committee are provided staffing level reports and an updated organization chart.  

* Provide administrative and logistical support to the Tribal Council and its committees. 

* Serve as primary liaison and advisor for the Tribal Council on day-to-day operations of the Tribal government.  

* Act as a liaison between the Tribal Council and staff.  

* Work with the Tribal Council to establish current and long-range goals and objectives.  

* Supports the Tribal Council in preparing for public appearances and general Council meetings.  


Tribal Office and Senior Staff Administration 

* Coordinate department staff meetings to obtain progress reports on a regular basis. Evaluate the effectiveness of programs, identify administrative opportunities for process improvement and monitoring.  

* Identify and seek new funding opportunities to meet the Tribe’s goals and objectives.  

* Knowledge of grant funding writing.  

* Work with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Tribal Council to establish budget priorities, prepare annual budgets, and monitor expenses on a monthly basis. Ensure that funds are spent in accordance with established ordinances, goals, priorities, grant awards, and program policies and procedures.  

* Ensure financial and program reports to federal and other funding agencies are submitted in a timely and efficient manner.  

* Interface with staff to ensure programs are managed in compliance with applicable regulations, Tribal policies and operating procedures. Take corrective action when deviations are identified.  

* Assist in developing contracts for services and advertising bids for contracted services.  

* Leads and/or Assists in negotiating Tribal Council approved contracts, leases, and grant agreements.  

* Attend Tribal Council Committee meetings and other KIC organization meetings, maintaining minutes as required. 

* Oversee and conduct performance evaluation process.  

* Attend local, state, and national meetings and workshops as requested.  

* Maintain Tribal Website and direct development and implementation of a quarterly newsletter and public relations strategy to ensure successful outreach to Tribal Members and the community at large.  

* Maintain confidentiality of records and information.  

* Perform executive-level planning, organizing, directing, and evaluation of tribal departments and programs.  

* Collaboratively develops metrics, goals, objectives and operating plans to drive organizational success.  

* Review operating results, compare them to established objectives, and take steps to ensure the appropriate measures are taken when necessary.  

* Establish and maintain professional, respectful and effective working relationship with employees, membership. Tribal Council as well as external contacts and stakeholders. 

* Manages internal and external communication programs.  


Tribal Membership 

* Facilitates needs assessment for the membership and community, empowers the team to develop plans and delivery of solution(s) to meet identified needs.  

* Assist tribal members in resolving concerns with tribal programs, policies or staff.  

* Provide administrative and logistical support to the Tribe’s Election Board.  

* Meet with Tribal members as necessary to resolve issues or address unmet needs.  

* Act as a liaison to tribal membership when issues arise.  

* Ensure staff treats tribal membership respectfully and follows up on requests.  

* Informs Tribal Council of issues requiring their attention.  

* Establish and maintain effective working relationship with Tribal Members.  

* Engages in respectful and professional communications at all organizational levels and functions.  


Economic Development 

* Assist in the identification, evaluation and development of Economic Development projects.  

* Coordinates meetings with potential economic development opportunity partners.  

* Provides support for Ketchikan Indian Community businesses as needed or directed by Tribal Council.  


Completes other duties as required by the job or as assigned by the Tribal Council. 



To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential function satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.  

* Indian affairs or Tribal Government experience.  

* Must have excellent analytical, oral, and written communication skills.  

* Working knowledge and understanding of current Tribal and federal laws and regulations, including Bureau of Indian Affairs, Indian Health Services, NAHASDA and other applicable state and federal funding agency regulations.  

* In-depth knowledge of audit preparation, financial management, and government fund accounting, human resources/personnel/employee supervision, and grant and contract management.  

* Must be able to take direction from Tribal Council and communicate those directions to staff.  

* Must have the ability to multi task and prioritize.  

* Ability to multi-task and have excellent management, planning, and organizational skills.  

* Experience with computers, spreadsheets, word processing.  

* Receive and properly carry out instructions; meet with Tribal Members in a respectful and professional manner. Establish and maintain effective working relationship with employees and Tribal Members.  

* Should be able to effectively make public presentations when required.  


Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in Business Administration, Public Administration, Accounting or other related field. Master’s degree preferred. 

7-10 years of experience in a senior level managerial position with 3-5 years of executive level experience. 

A combination of experience and education may be considered.  


* Analytical Problem Solving- Efficiently and skillfully gathers, analyzes and synthesizes complex or diverse information. Adept at identifying and resolving problems. Creates solutions and/or alternative approaches in a timely manner.  Uses logical to approach emotional situations. 

* Relationship Building – Understanding you may not always be right.  Respectfully listens to divergent viewpoints without being defensive or critical.  Remains Open to new ideas. Understands the value of conflict and is skilled in conflict management. Is self-aware and emotionally intelligent. 

* Oral Communication - Speaks clearly and persuasively in routine and challenging situations credibly and confidently at all internal and external organizational levels.  Messages are appropriate for the audience.  

* Written Communication - Writes clearly and informatively. Varies writing style to meet needs of the audience. Presents statistical, financial and routine information effectively. Information is well researched and credible. 

* Succession Planning – Understand the strategic importance of employee development.  Highly skilled in the identification and development of talent. 

* Teamwork – Inspires and motivates individuals to purposefully align and create a single vision; to achieve the strategic objectives of KIC. 

* Business Acumen- Understands business implications of decisions; Displays orientation to profitability; Demonstrates knowledge of market and competition; Aligns work with strategic goals.  

* Fiscal Responsibility – Plan, develop, organize, implement, direct and evaluate the organization’s fiscal function and performance.   

* Diversity - Shows respect and sensitivity for cultural differences promotes a harassment-free environment; Builds a diverse workforce.   

* Ethics - Treats people with respect; Keeps commitments; inspires the trust of others; Works with integrity and ethics; upholds organizational values. Adheres to laws, regulations, ordnances and policies, etc. without compromise.  Creates a culture of accountability and responsibility. 

* Decision Making— Possess the willingness, skill and ability to make sound business decisions that take into account both human and financial impacts.  Applies risk management strategies to decision making.  Effectively and proactively communicates routine and unpopular decisions. 

* Professionalism- Approaches others in a tactful manner; Reacts well under pressure; Treats others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position; Accepts responsibility for own actions; Follows through on commitments.  

* Change Agent – Understands organizational survival depends upon the ability to adapt to change and continually improve. Adept at development and communication of change management strategies.  

* Cultural Competency – Understands the Tribe has cultural laws and responsibilities to its people and is respectful of Ketchikan Indian Community culture and traditions.  

* Transformational Leadership – Inspires and motivates others to achieve beyond comfort zones, building commitment to the team, organizational objectives, goals and strategies. 

* Drive for Results – Drives for positive, productive and profitable outcomes, by creating a culture of accountability and responsibility with a continuous improvement mindset.  Establishes metrics to measure success. 

* Negotiation – Consistently able to negotiate successful outcomes.  Is highly skilled in resolving and defusing conflict, disagreeing with without arguing and in the refusal of unreasonable terms.