Ute Tribal Employment Rights Office C-'UTERO") Commission Occupation: UTERO Dire

Ute Tribal Employment Rights Office C-'UTERO") Commission Occupation: UTERO Director: Ute Indian Tribe

Ute Indian Tribe

Ute Tribal Employment Rights Office C-'UTERO") Commission Occupation: UTERO Director

Location: Fort Duchesne, Utah

Education: Associates or Bachelor Degree and/or five (5) years or more of relevant experience preferred


The UTERO Commission seeks an individual with excellent inter-personal skills, management experience, and oil and gas experience to serve as the chief executive officer of the UTERO who reports directly to the UTERO Commission and is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the UTERO, hiring staff, expending funds appropriated by the Tribal Business Committee pursuant to the UTERO budget, subject to the approval of the Tribal Business Committee, expend funding from federal, state and other sources to carry out the purposes of the UTERO Ordinance, enforce all decisions and orders duly adopted by the UTERO Commission; and serve as the investigating agent for the UTERO Commission responsible for investigating, researching, reporting and documenting any relevant infonnation required by the UTERO Commission; and all further duties as may be directed by the UTERO Commission.

This position demands the ability to interact with service and production companies concerning both negative and positive reports about the companies and follow the UTERO Ordinance and the decisions of the UTERO Commission in bringing those negative reported companies into compliance. Excellent communications is imperative, as well as high level of patience and the ability to control a negative situation without detriment to the Tribe, you, or the offending company representatives. Must assess situations, write concisely and honestly, produce vital statistics, field reports, summarizations, and reports on a quarterly basis for the UTERO Commission's review; must be detail oriented. Must be of high integrity. Opportunity is a supervisory level position focused on being a liaison and negotiating within a possibly negative situation while keeping control of the situation. Competitive salary with an excellent benefits package. Continuing education supplied. Tribal preference position.

Position Requirements:

Must submit to background check and random drug tests. Good computer and data management skills required. Ability to work unsupervised and to personably interact with the companies conducting business on tribal lands, whether in a very negative or very positive situation. Position function occasionally requires moderate physical capabilities. Associates or Bachelor's degree and/or a minimum of five (5) years or more of relevant oil/gas employment history or five (5) years or more experience specific to job description preferred. Must be available on call beyond normal working hours.

Contact Persons:

Cindylin Wopsock (cindylinw@utetribe.com) 435-725-4003

Roneva A. Valdez (ronevav@utetribe.com) 435-725-4017

Tanisha Colorow (tanishac@utetribe.com) 435-725-4044

Send application to:

Ute Indian Tribe

P.O. Box 190

Fort Duchesne, Utah 84026



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