JoAnn Kauffman, "People always say, ‘You’re all such overachievers! You must have had a great upbringing.’ Children respond differently to chaos." issue #3 Feature Dynamic Dynasty
JoAnn Kauffman slides into a secluded booth at a restaurant in SeaTac, Washington. There is a Māori tattoo on her left arm. Besides celebrating New Zealand’s proud indigenous it... Read More
Walter Lamar, Wasey Lamar, Storyteller Eyes, father and son photographers, Indian Country Magazine issue #3, feature

Storyteller Eyes

This past July, Walter Lamar attended North American Indian Days in Browning, Montana while his son Wasey traveled to the Mandree Powwow in Mandree, North Dakota. Both had in... Read More
ICMN Issue #2 Master_singlepage_REPAGINATED_Page_035_Image_0001_FEAT Forgotten Allies_Darwin John_th
Telling the pivotal story of the Oneida Indian Nation in the Revolutionary War in six immersive, interactive minutes at the new Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia a.. Read More
ICMN Issue #2 Master_singlepage_REPAGINATED_Page_036_Image_0001_FEAT Forgotten Allies_Museum Of The American Revolution_th
The American Revolution lasted eight years, from 1775 to 1783. It took about twice that long to conceive and build the Museum of the American Revolution. But now $120... Read More
ICMN Issue #2 Master_singlepage_REPAGINATED_Page_038_Image_0001_FEAT Telling Own Story_Chickasaw Cultural Museum_th
Tribal museums offer visitors the opportunity to experience art, history and culture. Hidden among the baskets, sculptures, beadwork and other material artifacts, a tribal community’s true story emerges. tribal... Read More

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