Native Nerd - can the iPhone lure me away from Android?

So this whole thing started when I asked the question - iPhone or an Android?

I have been a long-time Android user for over ten years, perhaps much longer. But I have never really tried to use an iPhone, not because I hated it or anything, I have always just liked Android due to its customization, I used to mess with the phone operating system, but Knox security took all the fun out of it.

But all said, I have been curious for a while. And you might have read a previous article - If you didn’t - I posted to Twitter posing the question of iPhone or Android, and in just an hour received several hundred votes and a lot of comments on both sides of the fence. I

Ok folks serious #NativeNerd question:

iPhone or Android?

I asked: Which is your preference?

Final results after 833 votes - was

45% Definitely Android

55% Definitely iPhone / Apple

Tweet iPhone

So Apple wins - Here is the iPhone XS Max I am using. Yes, I am giving Apple a shot. Is it enough to convert me? I don’t know yet - It has been less than a week.


One thing I am going to say so far … woo, this is a beautiful and powerful phone with a lot of fun and funny features such as the animoji or the memoji - and the camera is off the chain.

But as a long long longtime Android user, I am fumbling around a bit without a back button. This is an iPhone without a home button, but I’ve already been using the Samsung Note 8 and Google Pixel 3xl and both don’t have a home button - no loss there.

So what is my ultimate stance right now … the iPhone is a really nice phone - but ultimately …

It’s too early to tell.

Still - iPhone
I'm a Native Nerd, and I am now trying the iPhone XS Max.

But I am going to stick with it for 90 days - so on a smaller scale, out of 833, the iPhone takes the lead … Stay with me on Twitter at @VinceSchilling and I will keep you posted! Ona and Nia:wen! 

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The Indian Country Today smartphone is now an iPhone - for now anyway...

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Wenona Lee Gardner
Wenona Lee Gardner

Hi Vince,

I also was only an android user. I also just got an iPhone 10 Xs Mas. Love to hear your results.

Wenona Gardner White Turtle Rainbow

Vincent Schilling
Associate EditorVincent Schilling
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Vincent Schilling
Associate EditorVincent Schilling
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Jourdan Bennett-Begaye
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Sandra Hale Schulman
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