10/11/2018 Mr. Wesley Still Smoking (Stillsmoking) was reported missing. He left McCloud, OK and was on his way to Tulsa who was in a rehab facility trying to recover from her injuries received in a motor vehicle accident.

His vehicle did not have any type of GPS device nor did he have a cell phone. McCloud PD pulled the tapes from the toll booths and did not see him in any of them. His vehicle has not been stopped, towed, or impounded. We also know that he withdrew $40.00 from his account the day he went missing and his account has not had any activity since that day.

People have been up and down the highways from McCloud to Tulsa and have not found him or his vehicle. A still shot was found on a hunter's trail cam in Mayes County near Murphy, OK. Unfortunately, the date stamp showed 10/12/18 @ 10:51 am. The hunter gave permission for an air search and ground search on his 500 acres. Again, nothing.

A search was completed on 11/3 near Locust Grove. During that time, the searchers were looking for his vehicle and again nothing was found.

In order to complete a ground search adjacent to the hunter's land, there have to be at least 100 volunteers. We are waiting on Mayes County Sheriff's office to authorize the search which is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, November 11.

More information can be found on Facebook at:

Please share this information and help us find this missing elder. Thank you in advance.

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