A common hashtag is #represent So what do you think about the representation of Native women on TV? What about as in "never?" From Rebecca Nagle's piece: "Jacqueline, one of the three main characters in the ensemble cast, is a Lakota woman, living in New York City and struggling to navigate her relationship with her family and tribe. Instead of breaking new ground for the representation of Native women on screen, the comedy cast a White woman to play the role."
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Whatttt????? You mean they couldn't a Lakota to play the role....eyes roll...face palm.

Maybe this isn't the example of "media representation of Native women" we want beat a drum about, if you'll pardon the phrase. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is not a serious show asking us to believe that this actor is actually Native American. The casting of such an outrageously blonde, snow-white actor in this role is obviously intended to be tongue-in-cheek and is probably subtly mocking the entertainment industry for its long-standing practice of passing off spray-tanned actors with hair extensions and face painting as Native characters. I mean, this is written by Tina Fey--you don't think she understands this issue? She's made a career out of subtle and not-so-subtle mocking of this country's institutionalized practices. I think the author said it best with this statement from the article, "If it's supposed to be satire, I’ll be the first to unabashedly say I don’t get it." Well, satire is precisely what Tina Fey does best.


That may be true. However the overall representation of native american men and women still stinks!

Also truer than true.