Choctaw Nation Poteau Health Clinic Employee Snapchats Anti-Native Comments

White posted to Snapchat: "Excited to go make sure a bunch of fat natives don’t stroke out playing softball."

Editor Update: On Wednesday September 5, 2018, the Choctaw Nation confirmed the employee was terminated. They issued the following statement to media:

"This past weekend, an employee made disparaging comments on social media while serving as a representative of the Choctaw Nation at the annual Choctaw Nation Labor Day Festival. Choctaw leadership was alerted to the incident and the employee is no longer employed with the Choctaw Nation. Disparaging words, even when joking, are never acceptable. We will continue to share our values and beliefs of faith, family and culture never focusing on hatred, always standing united in a spirit of love."

A non-Native registered Nurse employed by the Choctaw Nation Health Clinic in Poteau, Oklahoma is under fire for anti-Native comments made on social media.

Jill White Snapchatted the following on her way to work at the 2018 Choctaw Nation Labor Day Weekend Festival. It spread like wildfire amongst Native Americans on Facebook:

My fake smile. Excited to go make sure a bunch of fat natives dont stroke out playing softball. With no shoes or shirts on.

White's friends have to come to her defense enmasse on Facebook.

Chance Menasco wrote a public post branding the person who screenshotted and shared Whites incendiary Snapchat comments a coward and claimed it was just a joke between a select group of people.

Another of Whites friends claimed to be married to a Choctaw and have Choctaw Children in a reply to her own public offering. Shaunda Prock Noah asserted that Snapchat isnt like other social media platforms because one can be selective in who sees ones posts. She insists that White is a good person who simply made a mistake.

Menascos and Prock Noahs posts seem to have either been deleted or made private after much disagreement in the replies. Additionally, there are reports that Facebook posts containing the screenshot are being deleted from timelines by the organization.

ICT Contributor Martie Simmons, a citizen of the Ho-Chunk Nation, shared the screenshot on Twitter with concerns about how cultural insensitivity goes hand-in-hand with medical racism.

Jill White an RN at the Choctaw Nation Clinic in Poteau, OK. You dont deserve to work for the @choctawnationOK with this sick mentality. How could you give your patients proper care? #NativeTwitter.

Every chart she ever touched, every medication she ever gave out, every interaction she has ever had would need to be reviewed for bias. She is dangerous in that type of position with those views. Its terrifying to think about.

There are claims that Jillian White has been fired. Neither the clinic nor Choctaw Nation tribal authorities have verified her employment status as of publication.

Indian Country Today has reached out to Choctaw Nation authorities for comment.

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There are PLENTY of "racist" remarks directed toward europeans, or white-people (generalities in the face of COLONIALISM) on ICTNM's Facebook page. Why doesn't ICTMN take those comments (statements) down or remove them? Racial politics appears to be okay as long as its not "white" people saying stuff to indians....


She needs to be reported to The Oklahoma Board of Nursing! This is unacceptable as a professional nurse.


Ignoramus, this is exactly what you get for doing stupid things. For those defending her, you all stick together cause you need to. There is no justification for this, no matter what you say.


She doesnt deserve to work for Choctaw nation. What she said was not a mistake. She meant every word she said. That is discrimination at its finest. How could you protect or help us choctaws with this kind of mentality. Why would any of us trust you after your ill mannered joke this was not a mistake, its an insult. I feel hurt, I feel like we are being discriminated and disrespected. If Choctaw Nation keeps this woman they will certainly show us that they dont care for us Choctaws. The Chief messaged me and said he will handle this accordingly. I hope he fires her. When you work for the Choctaw nation you agree to honoring and spread good word, to work for Choctaw nation with dignity. Our ancestors are turning in their grave. Choctaw Nation will hire anyone, she deserves to be fired. You dont represent what we stand for properly. It brings tears to my eyes. This is so harsh, Tvskahvmma is a festival for us, it brings us together in ways that is cherishable. Please, Choctaw Nation stand by your policys and take care of this woman who doesnt respect what our culture stands for.


This woman knowingly and willingly accepted the position with the Choctaw Nation. If she had such an issue with those who PAY HER WAGES, she should have packed up her classless white ass and gone elsewhere.