Spring fundraising drive to support Indian Country Today's next steps

How can readers help? Be our partner. Post our stories in your social media feeds. Share this fundraising story. Or, best of all, contribute.

Indian Country Today’s annual spring fundraising drive has begun. We are looking for support from our readers to support our work.

Watch a special video message from Indian Country Today Editor Mark Trahant

Last year that was an extraordinary deal. We had not even started the digital publication and yet readers contributed dollars to our project. We are grateful.

This year our ask is a little different. We have a track record, a year of producing thoughtful, in-depth journalism about Indian Country.

We also have an expansion underway to bring you even more news and open up a career path for the next generation of Native American journalists.

Study after study says the same thing: one of Indian Country’s greatest challenges is our invisibility. Sure some people can tell you about a conflict. Or a casino. But ask about our success stories or heroes — and you will get a blank stare.

So we need to change the story. We need to make sure that more voices -- voices from Indian Country -- are included in the nation’s discourse.

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How can you help?

Be our partner in this enterprise. Post our stories in your social media feeds. Spread the word about our spring drive and contribute what you can to our fundraising campaign. You can sign up for a recurring donation or just click and send one-time support.

Our “business” model is public media. We provide a free news service to readers and to tribal media (because they can use any of our stories in their publications for free). To make that work we need support from you, the readers.

Our goal for this spring fundraising drive is $100,000. We will let you know how we’re doing along the way.

Thank you. Mark Trahant, editor, Indian Country Today.

PS. In case you missed it: Here is the address. https://secure.qgiv.com/for/ict 

Or mail a donation directly to Indian Country Today, Embassy of Tribal Nations, 1516 P Street NW, Washington, DC 2005.


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