The whole story: Before and after video of Nathan Phillips, #MAGAyouth and more

Controversy is brewing over the incident, but videos provided to Indian Country Today by Kaya Taitano show a clear story

As social media has exploded over the weekend regarding the video-captured incident of Catholic High School students mocking Native American elder and Vietnam-era veteran Nathan Phillips, four videos provide to Indian Country Today by Kaya Taitano show a clear story of what happened prior, during and after the incident that has now been shared worldwide.

Nathan Phillips told Indian Country Today in an interview on Saturday that he had gone into the situation, then realized he might be in a precarious position once he stepped in between the crowds of people.

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Video 1 of 4 - Indigenous Peoples March #MAGAyouth, Nathan Phillips and others

On Sunday, several media outlets reported that the mother of the Covington Catholic High School student who stood face to face with Nathan Phillips had blamed the incident on “Black Muslims” who were standing at the base of the Lincoln Memorial while the students were standing on the stairs. Others on social media stated the men identified themselves as “Black Israelites.”

For a brief moment at the beginning of the video, a priest is seen watching from behind the boys.

In an email to a reporter and article, the mother wrote in an email, “Shame on you! Were you there? Did you hear the names the people where calling these boys? It was shameful. Did you witness the black Muslims yelling profanities and video taping trying to get something to futher (sic) your narrative of hatred?? Did you know that this “man” came up to this one boy and drummed in his face? Shame on you. Only reporting what you want. More fake news.”

In the video, the interactions can be seen and heard. The men, since identified as “Black Israelites” say things like “We have angels around us,” and “This is what Makes America Great Again,” while pointing at the crowd of high school students.

The high school students continue to yell and scream and one boy removes his shirt as the excitement of the boys grows.

Nathan Phillips enters in between the crowd and the Black Israelites singing a prayer song, known as the AIM song.

Phillips told Indian Country Today he admitted that he didn't really realize what he had gotten into until he was in the middle of it.

He said, “What am I doing?” You know? But this is the commitment when I picked up the pipe 27 years ago. It's for the next generation. It’s when that moment comes and you got to stand your ground. That commitment that you made to either fulfill that or you don't. I mean, I was scared and I didn't want to. I really, I really didn't want to, but nobody else was.”

Video by Kaya Taitano provided to Indian Country Today.

Update: Further video footage found.

Video footage posted on the patheos blog site titled "LETTERS FROM THE EDGE OF ELFLAND" shows the four men yelling expletives to Indigenous people at the march telling them that "God took away their land" for worshiping animals and that the word "Indian means savage." They also insult Native elders, women and men.

The men who are described as "Black Israelites, call the high school students 'dirty ass crackers' - One of the men also asks when is the last time a non-white person had shot up a school.

The author of the site post, David Russell Mosely describes egregious behavior by the men in the video.

"The video begins with a group of men shouting a variety of racial slurs mixed with Bible passages announcing that God has judged America and that now is a time for hate. Roman Catholics are called out for being pedophiles and faggots. Native Americans are called out for worshipping eagles, phoenixes, buffalo, and the wind. Blacks, hispanics, and Native Americans are all told that they are not black, hispanic, or Natives, rather they are the “Children of Israel.” This term does not apply to the people currently living in Israel, those who call themselves Jews, or white people.

Soon these men begin calling the students “dusty crackers” and products of incest. Cue Nathan Philips and his group.

Philips can be seen from this new angle clearly walking between the two groups. What he knew or what he thought about the situation I don’t know."

Watch the lengthy video here

Video 2 of 4 - Indigenous Peoples March incident Nathan Phillips and #MAGAyouth

In the second video, already seen in parts or the whole by the world, and as described in the video, “Nathan Phillips continues to sing and pray, and this is when the high school student steps in front of Phillips and doesn't move.”

Video by Kaya Taitano provided to Indian Country Today.

Video 3 of 4 - Nathan Phillips and #MAGAyouth, a chaperone and more…

Nathan Phillips continues to sing and is joined by Quese IMC. Students continue to mock and sing along.

Video by Kaya Taitano provided to Indian Country Today.

Video 4 of 4 - Indigenous Peoples Day incident - Nathan Phillips says "Relatives"

Nathan Phillips calls everyone relatives even after the mockery. Shortly after this video, he shares his thoughts on a previously shared video.

Video by Kaya Taitano provided to Indian Country Today.

As previously reported, Nathan Phillips spoke after the incident, he said “these are indigenous lands, we never had walls,” in response to the “Build a Wall, Build a Wall” chants.

Jourdan Bennett-Begaye contributed to this report.


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The boy did not step in front of Phillips. To the contrary, it was Phillips that went out of his way to approach the boys, and ultimately beat his drum in that boy's face. Sandmann was standing still. Watch the entire video.


The REAL racist/bigots/antangonists/aggressors in this event are those so-called "Black Hebrews"!!! WHY ISN'T ANYONE GOING AFTER THEM? Are they INVISIBLE?????


This story need sections of it corrected and out right retracted. If you watch the full unedited video, you see who the REAL racists are, and you also see that Mr Phillips got in the face of a kid who had no idea what to do. Why didnt he confront the racists? Because he said later there was "truth" to what they were saying!!! I guess hes ok then with them telling the Native Americans that they were savages, and they lost their land because they worship totem poles. Oh but by all means, thats nothing compared to a MAGA hat. More and more people are seeing this video everyday, seeing the truth and sharing it. BE HONEST.


All religions are full of untruths...beginning with zero evidence to support their origins as anything but a fairy tale. If this had been an area full of Atheists, there never would have been a problem, that's why the history of the world has millions of deaths over who is right about their religion being the "truthful" one when they are all full of crap.

Steinar Andersen
Steinar Andersen

I watched the original edited video when this first came out (I didn't know it was conveniently edited at the time I saw it... the videographer made no mention of editing either). I was so angry at the students as I thought they dishonored a proud native/american and Veteran (I was seething). And then this morning, the other shoe falls & videos started being posted online from different devices... and I found myself redirecting my anger to Mr Philips after watching the entire complete videos.

Watch the 2 video's put out by the Black Israelites (the actual racists who were insulting the kids AND native/americans 50 - 75 ft away). I don't believe you've seen the below video (and why the Black Israelites posted their racist videos, who knows as it exposes their behavior as racist... not the kids). Mr. Philips (who DID instigate this) should have stood up to the racists, he picked on the kids instead (they must have seem an easier target). He obviously wanted to make a point (he did this 4 years ago also, in Michigan I believe). He walked over 75 ft INTO the crowd of kids (who were on the stairs - waiting for a bus with the Priest at the top of the stairs... and who was trying to keep the kids grouped together).
Mr Philips kept pushing further in (forcing the issue and the kids obviously didn't know what to do considering Philips raised his drum and beat it in front the the kids faces). I am a Veteran, and Mr. Philips has brought shame to himself. He lied to the media (blaming the kids). The evidence is in the below video. I recommend you post a retraction & apologize to the kids, (and hold Mr. Philips accountable for making a mountain out of a molehill and literally lying that the kids surrounded and mocked him). He is a grown man, and should admit his mistake.