This is a disturbing paragraph by Matthew L.M. Fletcher in the legal journal, Turtle Talk. "My most enduring memory of Justice Kennedy is no doubt watching him lean over the bench, red faced and angry, screaming/yelling/lecturing at Neal Katyal during the Dollar General oral argument. I concluded then, if I hadn’t already before that moment from his writings, that Justice Kennedy was so disturbed by tribal jurisdiction over non-Indians and non-Indian businesses that he angrily wanted to protect a non-Indian sexual predator from the horror of being subject to a tort claim in tribal court," Fletcher writes.

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Mojo Hand
Mojo Hand

It gets worse...those terrorists who took over the Malheur Refuge were given a presidential pardon by Trump.The rot has taken hold and is infecting our institutions and any sense of justice. White freeloaders who destroy property (as they've done thru out history) and rebelled against federal laws get away with their crimes. Would Natives and people of color get such treatment? Ha! Supreme Court is not the only thing we need to worry about, it's the perversion of justice from this president