U.S. immigration enforcement's dark parallels with residential, boarding schools continue. And blame the victim? A 6-year-old was made to sign a form in which she allegedly recognizes she was told to “maintain my distance from the other youth involved” and had been educated on “good touch bad touch.

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This is not new stuff for the U.S. but the fact that it is out in the open for the entire public & world to see & hear is really frightening. This activity is implemented by the president and accepted by the U.S. public & the world?? This activity was carried out in the past but it was hidden and secret then covered over by lies. How can these humans do these things and not even care that they are being watched by the entire earth? Where oh where is the decent humanity of our earth gone - have most of them been brainwashed into believing this is morally right? How is this president remained in office if it were true that the U.S. is majority of good character?