Under attack: Historic Preservation funding has been cut in half for Indian country efforts this year. Tribal Historic Preservation Offices (THPOs) are under attack as THPOs are seen as slowing the administration's drive to develop historic places through resource extraction, mining, pipelines, etc. THPOs are responsible for reviews for legal compliance of proposed projects with federal laws, as well as monitoring of ongoing projects. Funding was dealt an initial blow with cuts to compliance review fees for FCC cell towers a few months ago. The new 50% cut for this next budget will severely affect tribes' ability to advocate for ancestral sites and burials for the foreseeable future. At the same the national THPO association, NATHPO, is actively looking for New Executive Director, to be located in Washington DC, who will replace longtime ED Bambi Krauss who has already left the job. The new Executive Director, yet to be selected, is slated to start in January and faces many incredible challenges. The deadline of Nov 23 for applications has been extended and may be seen here:

[PHOTO: Iowa Tribe's prayer for Water at the Missouri River, White Cloud, Kansas, Sept. 18, 2016. Michael James in foreground. Annie Assefa, Karen Murphy, and others below. Credit: Lance Foster, THPO, Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska]