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David Hollenshead
David Hollenshead

All Humans share 99% of their DNA with Chimps & Bonobos, and 98% with Gorillas. So being able to determine which Nation a person is from, would require decoding their entire DNA, rather than testing for a few genes. It would also require that a significant number of the members of that Nation have also submitted their DNA.

Given the behavior of the companies which test DNA for profit, the only way that enough First Nations People would be tested, would be if the DNA Lab & Data be owned by the people, and not used for profit. While this testing would be very helpful for improving Medical Care, it would require significant and essential discussions.

As for my own personal selfishness: I've been called names like "Mountain Man" for being mostly of European Ancestry. My mother was adopted from a Catholic Boarding School Student. I'm almost 6 Ft. tall and almost 2 Ft. wide at the shoulders. So I get asked about my Ancestry from Dentists, Native Americans, and other people who are mixed. I'd like to learn more about Arthritis, Glaucoma, etc. but I have no claim to a Specific Nation, and never claimed to...