Martin Luther King Jr. sought to erase division, racism and hatred yet the "elder" got in the Catholic school boy's face and stared him down and intimidated him as he banged on his drum and chanted in a language that very few understand. Do the boys not have a right to protest? Yes!! But that is the group that this disrespectful elder chose to focus on and not so with the Indigenous/Black opposition. I would call that discrimination and racism. The "elder" Phillips claims he was trying to prevent an altercation, that is his many people's perception. He reality he made things worse. And why should the school bow down and apologize? No!! I am not impressed with the scenario of the one sided action taken by the elder who should have had more common sense. Respect him? Just because he is an elder? Not necessarily, because respect has to be earned!! The boys faced racist name calling and nasty remarks, where does it end? It began when Whites arrived on the shores and we are fed up with it. We are also fed up with the one sided special treatment and the expectation of same of the Indigenous. I believe that the Catholic boys deserve an apology - but I doubt if they will get it and that is the sad part which leads to more resentment, more division and no reconciliation in the USA or in Canada!!