Tanya Talaga: The debate over what exactly happened at last week’s Indigenous Peoples March misses the point. Whatever the order of events, First Nations people will see in the image of a white high school student confronting an Indigenous Elder in Washington, D.C. the callous indifference and disrespect that are constants of their experience.

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Those kids were out of control long before Nathan tried to leave the area. BTW, Nathan did have a permit to be in that area.
When my kids were on field trips, they were to dress and carry themselves as if in the classroom. There would not have been allowed political caps of any sort. As a parent, I have more intelligence than to send my teen to DC , on the one day known for protests, wearing the one political cap that is making news daily because the wearer was attacked. And for those claiming they know these boys and defending the smartass in the middle of this mess, you are either an idiot or a liar. That kid was being disrespectful at the least. Had that bunch of boys been black, I doubt any of the defenders would be defending them . Had it been a class of black students, the adults would have never allowed them to get out of control to start with. What should be expected from parents that do not even know the president, like his children, is a Talmudic Kabbalahist, not a Christian. Maybe spend more time learning the Word, and less time cheerleading war mongers in politics!