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Indian Country Today is a spacious channel that serves Indigenous communities with news, entertainment, and opinion.

Indian Country Today is a daily digital news platform that covers the Indigenous world, including American Indians and Alaska Natives. Indian Country Today is the largest news site that covers tribes and Native people throughout the Americas. Our primary focus is delivering news to a national audience to your mobile phone. Indian Country Today is public media. We are a nonprofit news organization that sustains itself with funding from members, donors, foundations, and supporters. We also sell advertising in a variety of formats.

Indian Country Today, LLC.

Indian Country Today is a not-for-profit Limited Liability Company. Indian Country Today's board of directors are Rebecca Crooks-Stratton, Larry EchoHawk, and Rhonda LeValdo.

Karen Lincoln Michel

President, Indian Country Today


Sky Vasquez

Director of Business Development


Heather Donovan

Underwriting and Sales Manager


Mark Trahant



Patty Talahongva

Executive Producer


Tomas Karmelo Amaya

Creative Director


Vincent Schilling

Associate Editor


Jourdan Bennett-Begaye

Washington Editor


Kolby KickingWoman



Aliyah Chavez



Joaqlin Estus

National Correspondent (Anchorage)


Dalton Walker

National Correspondent


Indian Country Today

Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Arizona State University

555 N Central Avenue, Suite 500

Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Washington bureau, Indian Country Today

1516 P Street NW

Washington, DC 20005

Alaska bureau, Indian Country Today

Gould Hall

Alaska Pacific University

4101 University Dr

Anchorage, AK 99508

Opinion Editorials

We welcome a wide variety of views in our opinion pages. To submit an op-ed send the material (and if possible, a photograph) to Opinion@indiancountrytoday.com

Press Releases

We also post press releases of interest to our readers. Please include a photograph. To submit a press release for publication (The Press Pool) send to PressRelease@indiancountrytoday.com

Freelance Submissions

Indian Country Today has a limited budget for freelance material from stories, photo essays, nonfiction graphic novels, videos, and broadcast packages. To pitch a potential story, send an e-mail to associate editor Vincent Schilling at vschilling@indiancountrytoday.com

Native Media

We welcome tribal media to publish their content with us. Email the text and multimedia components to nativemedia@indiancountrytoday.com


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