Indian Country Media Network To Cease Active Operations

On September 4, 2017, Indian Country Media Network announces operational hiatus to explore new business model.

By Ray Halbritter

Editor’s Note: As of today, September 4, 2017, Indian Country Media Network is taking a hiatus to consider alternative business models. The staff of ICMN has been honored to serve the best audience they could have possibly imagined, and direct all attention to a letter from publisher Ray Halbritter.

During the hiatus, new posts, new magazines and new books will not appear on the site and email newsletters will not be sent while we consider a new way forward. The site will remain accessible and maintained in its current form through January 31, 2018. Paid subscribers with active, unfulfilled portions of their subscriptions will be reimbursed automatically. All purchased book and magazine entitlements will be honored through that time: Paid subscribers will continue to have access to material behind the paywall.


How long will I be able to access The Bering Strait book on the website?

The book will be available on the website until January 31, 2018.

Can I download and share a free guide?

Yes, we would like the free guides shared as much as possible.

The Bering Strait Theory

Indian Country explores the theory that would not die

by Alex Ewen / 53 pages

Indian Country Media Network, publisherOne Year AccessBuy it now for $4.97 ($9.97)

Much has been written, literally for centuries, on the origins of Natives in the Americas. Fierce verbal battles have been fought. Reputations have been made or ruined. And still there is no consensus on the date or even the embarkation point of the people who first populated this continent.

In this eye-opening book, The Bering Strait Theory, historian Alex Ewen (Purepecha) explores not only the ever-controversial Bering Strait Theory, but more importantly, the other theories, research, evidence and science that have evolved along with it, allowing the reader to draw his or her own conclusions.

And readers certainly will, as the topic generates debate as heated today as it ever has been. Ewen meticulously breaks down the details of every theory proposed by historians (originally, of course, clergy), scientists and pseudo-scientists. The book painstakingly demonstrates the surprising way in which dogma became entrenched as fact, to the extent that even today belief in the Bering Strait Theory is the tail that “wags the dog” of science.

Even as diversity in linguistics and mitochondrial DNA seem to have blasted the theory’s timeline out of the water, with many more millennia required to reach this diversity than the theory allows, Ewen shows how existing theories based on an older science can color the way the new sciences, such as genetics, approach the topic.

No matter what your view of the Bering Strait Theory, this examination of the history of the theory is almost mandatory reading. Complete with illustrations, maps and charts to further illustrate the story, it will change minds, or, at the very least, stimulate still more heated debate of the theory that would not die.